10 things you should know about sf6 gas

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10 things you should know about sf6 gas
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Introduction to the general features of SF6 gas

An overview of 10 things you should know about sf6 gas. SF6 gas, also known as Sulfur hexa fluoride gas, is a gas widely used in industry, especially in the field of high voltage electricity. In this article, we do not talk about its physical and chemical nature. We oriented towards Sf6 as a commodity, and use them, and related equipment.

1 – Industrial bottling of SF6 . gas

In civil use, SF6 gas is widely used in steel bottles, from 4l, 8l, 10l, 30l, 40l, 50l. The gas exists in a liquefied form, when brought down to a very deep cold.

2 – What popular appliances use SF6 . gas

2.1 Power stations GIS- Sf6 for Gas insulated Swithgear

GIS stations are a new trend in the construction and operation of medium and high voltage stations in the world and in Vietnam. The advantage of the station is that it is compact, does not take up space, and is controlled by automation. Limited manpower. Closed and shut-off cabinets and chambers are placed in a closed chamber, which is pumped with SF6 gas, to extinguish the electric arc.

2.2 Universal medium and high voltage stations

Most power stations in Vietnam still use old-fashioned or old-fashioned transformer stations with a large area, located outdoors. These stations also include SF6 gas chambers used to place the cutting and cutting machines as mentioned by the GIS station.

2.3 Using SF6 gas for RMU cabinets- using SF6 gas Ring main unit

One of the 10 things you should know about sf6 gas is the application of SF6 gas pumped in the switching chambers of high voltage cabinets and power stations.

The demand for installation and use of medium voltage electrical cabinets in projects is very large. And RMU electrical cabinets are the best quality products installed in large projects. RMU electrical cabinet is an abbreviation of the English word Ring Main Unit which is designed in metal enclosed structure, gas insulated SF6 used for medium voltage distribution system up to 36kV 630A.

The RMU switchboard functions as a circuit breaker, has the advantage of enhancing the protection of the upstream and downstream with a lower total ownership than the old method of using circuit breakers and medium voltage fuses. RMU electrical cabinets are used with many different applications in the distribution system of secondary loops switching inputs for transformer stations, transformer substations, etc. Electrical cabinets are applied in many different industries such as: construction, oil and gas, trade centers and power grid projects…

3 – The charging equipment, filling machine, recovery machine, SF6 gas detector…

To understand more about gas, in this article 10 things you should know about sf6 gas. We refer to the very important issue of the equipment involved in the intake, intake, and treatment of this SF6 gas.

When putting gas into the tanks and chambers of the switchgear. Or when pulling out, you also need specialized equipment. Today, with the development of science and technology, automation is also widely used in the management of medium and high voltage power stations. In this section, we introduce some SF6 charging, suction, and gas detectors used in the power industry. We proceed from complex machines to simple rigs. Then there are the couplings between the intake device and the SF6 . gas chamber

3.1 Large-sized suction device, large capacity

Currently, this line of equipment was previously mainly produced in Europe. Recently, however, China has emerged as a country producing these specialized devices. However, the complicated and high-end components, the Chinese still import from Europe.

The common feature of these machines is many functions related to SF6 gas such as. Suction used SF6 in chambers and compartments. Vacuum, clean the chamber. Can separate, filter, treat old SF6 gas. Fill the device with fresh SF6 gas…

We send you some pictures of these devices, aka Mega SF6 devices. From there to help you better understand SF6 through this lesson 10 things you should know about this sf6 gas

3.2 Vacuum cleaner SF6, cum feeder SF6 , vacuum machine for hand-push power station

For smaller, low-power, air-chamber stations, like 110 KVA GIS stations. Hand-push mid-range devices are more popular. With the characteristics of reasonable price, easy operation, easy maintenance and repair.

In addition, these mid-range devices are easy to put into other small and narrow operation areas. Like urban space, high-rise buildings. In addition, this unit is close to the performance of large capacity SF6 gas filling devices

3.3 Handheld SF6 Air Filler

The feature of this machine is that it is loaded directly into the device. From the bottle, this device, connected to the bottle, through the pressure relief meter. Bottle pressure is reduced to 3-5 bar. After passing through people lead rubber, plastic, metal (hose). From there, through the standard coupling (coupling) connected to the machine, the SF6 . chamber

Some videos about SF6 . gas

In this article, 10 things we should know about sf6 gas, we have introduced our company’s official Video channel. ABB ASIA Gas Specialist, new for your reference.

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