3 types of welding gas conductor cutting

3 types of welding gas conductor cutting
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3 types of welding gas conductor cutting
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In welding and cutting, people often use two gas cylinders including Oxygen (O2-oxygen) and Acetylene (C2H2). Many production workshops, mechanical groups in many factories pay little attention to safety in use. In this article, https://abbasia.asia/ introduces a part in choosing 3 types of welding gas conductors. In the next series of articles, we will expand further with other components.

What does a complete cutting tool kit include?

3 types of welding gas conductor cutting

A full combo set for welding and cutting

In the picture above, is a combo set used in welding and cutting quite fully. This is a portable, maneuverable, factory-towed set. Consists of:

O2 and C2H2 gas bottles for welding and cutting

These are the two basic gas components that workers must use. These are two chemical gases, which are very flammable. The two air streams are combined.

Pressure relief gauge and anti-backfire valve

The set of gauges and backfire valve are attached to the pressure gauge

The watches and valves against fire back, Tanaka brand, Japanese brand, made in Thailand. Always the choice for experienced technicians and veteran managers. An option for safety. The backfire prevention valve should not be installed near the tip of the torch, cutting. It is necessary to install a backfire prevention valve at the back of the pressure reducing valve. The meter and C2H2 gas conductor are reverse threaded.

Welding gas conductor and torch tip

Red and green wire with head, beak, welding nozzle to cut tanaka

Classification of 3 types of welding gas conductors

Hangiflex 6.5mm . welding gas conductor

Hanggiflex Taiwan’s Welding and Cutting Gas Conductor Kit

This is a set of good quality welding gas conductors suitable for indoor use, with the characteristics of being light, compact, and mobile in factories. Be careful not to put heavy objects on the rope. Hangiflex is reasonably priced.

Double welding gas conductor, cut 6 stars Taiwan

Double welding gas conductor, cut 6 stars Taiwan

The rope has a rubber texture, resistant to high temperatures, in addition to harsh environments, dust, rain and wind, durable. This type of solder gas conductor is rated higher quality than Hangiflex’s wire. This type of wire is often used in construction sites, outdoor repair shops, shipbuilding …

Set of wires for Parker 1/4″ cutting gas conductors made in the USA

Parker 1/4″ cutting gas wire set made in the USA

This is considered the best type of welding gas conductor today, with high price, but especially good quality. Withstands temperatures from -40C to 80C. Made in the US, imported to Vietnam

The last note when using 3 types of welding gas conductors

All 3 types of high-quality cutting gas conductors are imported in rolls. Users when buying notes of reputable units, do not be greedy to buy floating wires. Attention should be paid to the quality of the head press, it must be a brass jacket (case) of 1mm thick steel, pressed by a 70-100 ton hydraulic machine, must use a long “mouse tail” nut. New to ensure sustainability, not broken, cracked when the wire works a lot.

We also return to customers and technicians in other articles. For advice on purchasing and product selection, contact 0902 336 426. Watch a video about 3 types of wire here.

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