ABB Asia, manufacturer of special gas tanks in Vietnam

ABB Asia, manufacturer of special gas tanks in Vietnam
ABB Asia Co. Ltd (Global) - gas specialist - Electric engineeering
ABB Asia Co. Ltd (Global) - gas specialist - Electric engineeering
ABB Asia, manufacturer of special gas tanks in Vietnam
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ABB Asia welcomes you back to ABB Asia TV.

In this 3rd video, we introduce our ability to manufacture pressure tanks, special gas tanks, especially we have manufactured and exported SF6 gas tanks in the field of SF6 gas production and recycling. In Viet Nam, an important industry related to environmental effects and greenhouse effect.

As you know these tanks were previously only made in Germany and a few European countries.

In Europe, the well-known manufacturer of equipment related to SF6 gas is DILO, which is now a well-known name in Vietnam, even though the equipment is not DILO. Similar to Vietnam, motorcycles are called Honda.

Returning to the story of ABB Asia, we have two core businesses of high voltage and special gas services.

In the field of industrial gas, our outstanding ability is to vietnamize products, especially SF6 gas tanks from 500 liters to 5000 liters with high pressure above 30 bar like a 40L SF6 gas bottle, is an achievement in our research and development (referred to as R&D).

We have successfully embarked on research and production of this product, which is a 1000 liter DILO tank, test pressure up to 50 bar, working pressure is 30 bar.

See more pictures of our capabilities

With full features like:

  • German standard connection standard, ready to connect to DILO SF6 gas circuit breakers, collectors and processors, such as Mega Dilo, and other manufacturers’ machines
  • There is an automatic weighing system, checking the amount of gas in and out in grams
  • Has a safety valve system to protect
  • There is a system of stop valves, negative and positive pressure gauges

The products of SF6 special gas tanks meet export standards, manufactured by us at our tank factory in Vietnam, with a very high rate of automation, selected materials and accessories, Selected from specialized material manufacturers.

ABB Asia Co., Ltd. with the strength of having a team of experts working in the gas industry for 50 years, experienced hundreds of large and small projects on renovating and upgrading gas plants, gas separation production lines, and building systems, gas supply system for large Vietnamese and multinational corporations in Vietnam.

We are always willing to serve the needs of our customers for electricity and gas services with our knowledge, experience and non-stop labor to bring outstanding values ​​to customers in Vietnam and around the world.

For more details, please refer to the website and follow our youtube channel.

ABB Asia Co. Ltd.

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  • My Xuan ward – Phu My city – Vung Tau

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