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ABB Asia Co., Ltd., positioned as a specialized energy engineering unit, we have two core businesses: Industrial gas and medium and high voltage power systems.

With industrial gas, we carry out the following specific jobs:

  • Installation, construction and repair of works, gas production and treatment systems
  • Supplying gas industry materials such as systems: Tanks, tanks, cylinders, valves from common to special
  • Supplying liquefied gas, industrial gas with high purity, very high, rare gas, mixed gas with many components
  • Other ancillary and additional services in the gas industry such as: Inflating balloons, making smoke on stage, quality testing, equipment testing
  • Purchase, sale and repair of gas machinery such as: Diaphragm compressors, piston compressors, screw compressors, large capacity and multistage vacuum machines.
  • With the advantages: Vietnamese experts and association with regional international standard engineers, full machine system to perform the above works, besides we have a multi-component gas mixing plant, quality analysis room

With the electricity industry, medium and high voltage level, we serve customers with the following specific jobs:

  • Construction, repair, operation and maintenance of electrical works from medium voltage to high voltage 06kV-550kV with different equipment manufacturers, with abundant resources available from well-known brands such as ABB , Schneider, GE.. and emerging manufacturers from India, Turkey, China, Korea
  • We have worked as a construction and repair contractor for large and small projects in Vietnam and the region, hydroelectric power plants, solar power plants, GIS stations, AIS, GCB, large manufacturing plants in Vietnam. South such as Power Generation Corporation 3, Hoa Sen corrugated iron, 5-star hotels, golf, resorts
  • Especially in the field of SF6 gas of the power industry, including: Recovery, processing, vacuum extraction, nitrogen immersion (N2) for compartments, switch chambers containing SF6 gas and new gases such as ICONIQ
  • We also have the most modern advanced equipment available such as: SF6 gas recovery and treatment machine, vacuum machine, transformer oil purifier, testing machine

Dear customers: With the philosophy of Integrity, discipline, and constant innovation to improve the productivity of the energy industry, ABB Asia team is always dedicated to the common development of the energy industry.

Currently, our system of representative offices, representatives, suppliers of materials and components, specialists and associated contractors, has spread throughout Southeast Asia, Asia, the Middle East and Asia. phi.. to be ready to serve customers worldwide in energy-intensive technical services

We are pleased to welcome and expand international cooperation with all relevant partners around the world for a better future, a greener earth

ABB Asia Co. Ltd.  +84 902 336 426 provides the following services:

1/ New construction, installation, maintenance of substations from 22kV-110kV, underground cable 22-110kV.

2/ Repair medium voltage cabinets (RMU) 22kV- circuit breakers up to 500kV.

3/ Construction and installation of gas supply works, tanks, liquid gas tanks, supply stations, gas filling, liquefied gas

4/ Service of suction, recoverry,  filtration and filling of SF6 gas

5/ Provides ultra-pure gas, calibration gas, multi-component mixing gas up to ppm.

6/ Construction, installation and maintenance of refrigeration systems, cold rooms, clean rooms, central air conditioning systems

Checking leak on RMU ABB brand in Viet nam, then fix it for client.

ABB Asia Co. Ltd.

North Vietnam

  • Vinhomes Ocean Park Gia Lam., Ha noi

Central Viet nam

  • Hai Linh ward – Nghi Son city–Thanh Hoa Pro.

South Viet nam

  • 11A Hong Ha -Tan Binh Dis. – Ho Chi Minh
  • My Xuan ward – Phu My city – Vung Tau

Tel/zalo/whatsapp: +84 902 336 426 (zalo/whatsapp)

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