Building a high-class C2H2 gas production line

ABB Asia Co. Ltd (Global) - gas specialist - Electric engineeering
ABB Asia Co. Ltd (Global) - gas specialist - Electric engineeering
Building a high-class C2H2 gas production line
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With the experience of a team of human resources experts nearly 50 years working, researching and developing the gas industry in Vietnam. ABB Asia is confident to meet many needs in the gas industry such as:

  • Assemble, repair as general contractor, sub-contractor of gas works, gas separation, construction and installation of gas stations and tanks of all kinds
  • Production and analysis of mixed gases with 5-10 components, up to 1 ppm, packed in 4L -50L cylinders

In this article, we introduce the production line C2H2 – Acetylene designed and manufactured by us with very reasonable price, only from 30,000 USD, fast construction time, on all terrains and other countries. together.

The air quality is from 98-99.9%, equivalent to and better than the quality of C2H2 gas from Taiwan, China… especially very optimal and environmentally friendly.

Currently, our gas engineering services have appeared throughout Vietnam and some Southeast Asian countries. We have recovered many damaged tanks such as: increased pressure, reduced vacuum pressure, damaged in difficult locations. Thereby satisfying many fastidious customers.

Dear customers in Vietnam and around the world. With a global vision and strategy, we have now done well in the Vietnamese market in the gas and gas services segment, to create momentum for the development of the international market with specialized services in the fields of: Gas – electricity – refrigeration, special attention is paid to special technical services.

In Vietnam, we are now an early enterprise in investing in mobile super-pressure compressors (mobile super-pressure compressors, European and Japanese) to provide special services on super-compressed air. over 200 bar in the field of Military, mining, marine, hydroelectric power plants.

We look forward to serving customers long-term and sustainably.

Some pictures of our construction

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