Experience inflating balloons

Experience inflating balloons
ABB Asia Co. Ltd (Global) - gas specialist - Electric engineeering
ABB Asia Co. Ltd (Global) - gas specialist - Electric engineeering
Experience inflating balloons
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ABB ASIA Co. LTD specializes in supplying all kinds of gas, industry equipment and tools, gas and gas industry services. We are always happy to advise and share our experience of inflating balloons for business or living, for fun

Introducing the high quality ball pump faucet set. Advice on balloon pumping experience in Hanoi tel/zalo 0902336426. Users when buying a balloon pump set should pay attention to the following points:

Choose a balloon pump

Experience inflating balloons
Pay attention to choose a steel ball pump, stainless steel will be durable, not broken

Limit the purchase of plastic pump nozzles, especially the connection points. This point in the process of use can be broken, broken, stamped … leading to gas leakage, the balloon pump will be weak, quickly lose gas in the tank, and the gas pumped with Helium gas is very expensive.

Select the wire from the pressure relief meter to the balloon pump nozzle

Experience inflating balloons
High-pressure wires, fabric-coated rubber or durable steel cores, carefully pressed at the ends

Conductor from low pressure to pump nozzle. Pay attention to the quality of the wire, if you save money, use a PU cord, with a handle to catch the wire on the tail of the mouse. However, it is best to use high-pressure rubber bands, with fabric or steel cores, a bit heavy but durable. High-pressure wires, fabric-coated rubber or durable steel cores, carefully pressed at the ends

Select type of pressure relief meter

Experience inflating balloons
Lot of genuine Tanaka watches with Japanese brand – made in Thailand

Watches should choose a good watch, with a copper body, we do not advise customers to choose any watch brand, however, a solid, durable watch body is better than watches that are too light, roomy, and rickety.

Technical note when pumping the ball

Connect the balloon pump gas bottle to the pressure relief meter

When connecting the meter, with the gas bottle, and the faucet. Note to tighten, follow the correct technique to ensure a tight seal.

Safety when manipulating balloons

Gas bottles should be against the wall, tied tightly, to avoid falling and accidents. If you are a professional balloon pump business, you should have a methodical bottle column

Dosing when inflating balloons

Normally 40l gas bottle, pump 600-800 22 inch diameter balls. Smaller bottles and depending on the hand pump, more experience, will have a certain tolerance. Usually, depending on balloon quality and column capacity. Balloons will keep their air tight for about 48 hours.

Help inflating balloons

We have many videos, articles on Youtube channel and website https://abbasia.asia/ for customer support and sales advice.

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