Handling pressurized liquid gas tanks, optimizing liquid tanks

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Project: 10m3 LO2 storage tank project of GENCO, Ha Nam Industrial Park Company, Ha Long Industrial Park

Survey step

Evaluate causes, propose solutions, prepare components and supplies to be replaced, equipment, tools, and supplies to be brought to the scene. 3 steps (as follows)

Step 1

  • The north rig is definitely dry

Step 2

  • Use seat belts

Step 3

  • Safely Trained

Step 4

  • Protective clothing and shoes

Causes of pressure tanks

For newly turbocharged tanks, gas loss due to faulty transportation and installation, dented edges… so the valves, flanges, tank body may be cracked, cracked, broken… so it may affect to negative pressure (vacuum pressure)

For tanks with long-term use: Usually due to the natural decrease in negative pressure through aging teeth, seals, tires, copper, and natural pressure reduction.

Procedure steps

6 steps (as follows)

Step 1

  • Vacuum – find the first detection point.
  • Vacuum, negative pressure suspension, monitoring

Step 2

  • Replace, repair, install some more valves
  • Add powder. We have powder ready for replenishment

Step 3

  • Dry the tank, check the cause of the pipe system inside the tank, it is necessary to cut (surgery), some leak points, broken inner pipe, flange system
  • Safety: The tank will be discharged all the liquefied gas, the valves, the bottom flange, the top will be removed, after 2 hours the remaining O2 will be diffused into the environment. Therefore, it is impossible for O2 to explode.
  • About the cutting device, there is a protective cover, covered with a thin sheet of corrugated iron to prevent iron filings to ensure safety.
  • Outside the construction area is covered by canvas.
  • For broken and stamped inner copper and stainless steel pipes, the contractor will use steam welding to weld copper, and tig welding to connect, or use a fitting connector

Step 4

  • Nitrogen pulse (if needed)
  • XL 45 tank (2 tubs)

Step 5

  • Vacuum, hang vacuum, follow up
  • Use two vacuum cleaners

Step 6

  • Recharge O2, monitor pressure within 3 days
  • Recharge liquid O2

Some project pictures

ABB Asia Co. Ltd.  +84 902 336 426 provides the following services:

1/ New construction, installation, maintenance of substations from 22kV-110kV, underground cable 22-110kV.

2/ Repair medium voltage cabinets (RMU) 22kV- circuit breakers up to 500kV.

3/ Construction and installation of gas supply works, tanks, liquid gas tanks, supply stations, gas filling, liquefied gas

4/ Service of suction, recoverry,  filtration and filling of SF6 gas

5/ Provides ultra-pure gas, calibration gas, multi-component mixing gas up to ppm.

6/ Construction, installation and maintenance of refrigeration systems, cold rooms, clean rooms, central air conditioning systems

Checking leak on RMU ABB brand in Viet nam, then fix it for client.

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