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Maintenance of medium voltage electrical cabinets, repair of protective relays, handling of SF6 gas detectors

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Same as maintenance of low voltage electrical cabinets, Maintenance of high voltage switchboard systems voltage is a very necessary, important and indispensable thing, helping to timely detect failures of the electrical system, minimizing possible incidents that affect the power system.


TT Job Description
1 Overview of electrical cabinet, detecting signs of overheating, insulation failure, discharge, abnormal noise, malfunction and other faults
2 Thermal imaging of medium voltage cabinets
3 Mechanical inspection related to sliding mechanism opening, closing, interlocking, indicator flags of breaker, applying specialized grease.
4 Check the display light, warning outside the cabinet
5 Testing of protective relays and current transformers (the functions of overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and tripping time have been set in the relay)
6 Test SF6 circuit breaker (contact resistance, equipment insulation)
7 Test for measuring insulation between equipment and supplies, contained in medium voltage cabinets
8 Test for measuring cable end insulation (connection point between cable and transformer)
9 Measurement of insulation resistance of 24KV surge arresters
10 Check and revert the control circuit contained in the electrical cabinet.
11 Check operation status of UPS supplying medium voltage cabinet at the time of maintenance.
12 Check and re-tighten mechanical connections of busbars, cabinets, and terminals in medium voltage electrical cabinets
13 Clean the guide rails and terminals with alcohol
14 Industrial cleaning inside and outside of electrical cabinets
15 Earth resistance test of medium voltage switchboard system
16 Make an overall report before and after maintenance including:
+ Set up the volume of work performed during the maintenance process.
+ Proposing the detected problems on the system and the solution to the detected problems.
+ Quotation of replacement materials, repair plan with detected shortcomings.
+ Advice on materials and equipment that may need to be repaired or replaced in the next 1 year.

With a team of experienced technicians, in-depth knowledge of equipment, contact and troubleshooting for all types of cabinets, brands are present in Vietnam’s medium voltage cabinet market and with A system of machinery that supports the inspection of fault detection and testing after repair, go to ABB Asia You can You can be assured of the quality of service for repairing medium voltage cabinets, repairing RMU ABB cabinets, repairing RMU Schneider cabinets, repairing Siemens RMU cabinets, … at very reasonable prices with the shortest time possible.

ABB Asia provides 24/7 technical service, You unfortunately have a problem with the cabinet: gas leaky cabinet, faulty cabinet Explosion of damaged ceramic cable, lead chamber explosion, etc., at any time, just pick up the phone and call us, we will be there to handle it for you.


ABB Asia provides 24/7 technical service, You unfortunately encounter a cabinet problem: the cabinet has a gas leak, the cabinet has a broken porcelain cable head, the cabinet has a lead cavity,… then regardless of the time. Anytime, just pick up the phone and call us, we will be there to handle it for you.

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