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High Voltage Transformer Station Maintenance and Repair Services

ABB Asia would like to greet you, we are a unit specializing in providing gas

SF6 Gas Services by ABB Asia Ltd.: A Solid Foundation in the Electricity Sector

Introducing ABB Asia Ltd ABB Asia Ltd., with over 40 years of experience in the

Discovering the Power of BCL3 in Technology and Manufacturing

Boron Trichloride (BCL3) is a unique chemical compound with numerous important applications in industry. From

Summary of ABB Asia’s 2023 energy engineering services

2023 is the year after the Covid epidemic and the decline in global economic influence

Repair process for medium voltage circuit breakers containing SF6 . gas

In power generation, transmission and distribution, at any stage, from production, transmission and distribution, medium

What is a calibration gas? Standard gas application

Standard gas (also known as laboratory gas) are special industrial gas products. The reference gas

Providing technical services for diving

Currently, scuba diving training centers in Vietnam have developed quite strongly, from national to private

NH3 gas supply service with technical service

NH3 gas is known as Ammonia or Ammonia as it is called in Vietnam. Currently,

Maintenance service of high voltage power stations GIS, AIS, MTS

Currently, Vietnam’s energy demand in general and in particular for electricity used in daily life,

SF6 suction service with 1-3h time for all GIS, GCB stations

Currently in the process of using SF6 gas, after a period of switching or using,