Overview core business and mix gas manufacturer

Overview core business and mix gas manufacturer
ABB Asia Co. Ltd (Global) - gas specialist - Electric engineeering
ABB Asia Co. Ltd (Global) - gas specialist - Electric engineeering
Overview core business and mix gas manufacturer
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­Hello everyone, I am the media and public relations representative of ABB Asia Co., Ltd.

At ABB Asia, we provide the following services:

1/ New construction, installation, maintenance of substations from 22kV-110kV, underground cable 22-110kV.

2/ Repair medium voltage cabinets (RMU) 22kV – circuit breakers up to 500kV.

3/ Construction and installation of gas supply works, tanks, liquid gas tanks, supply stations, gas filling, liquefied gas

4/ Service of suction, recoverry,  filtration and filling of SF6 gas

5/ Provides ultra-pure gas, calibration gas, multi-component mixing gas up to ppm

6/ Construction, installation and maintenance of refrigeration systems, cold rooms, clean rooms, central air conditioning systems

Today, we would like to introduce you to the first world class, mixed gas production plant in Vietnam and Indochina. We are the largest operation in the field and the leader in Southeast Asia.

Our factory is equipped with an automatic mixing system that can mix the smallest unit up to 1 part per million and can mix up to 6 ingredients.

We can bottle the smallest amount–from 400 ml–all the way up to 47 liters.

Steel and aluminum bottles are sanitized under a strict process to ensure exceptional purity.

Calibration gas is used in many fields from equipment calibration to environmental monitoring of factories, mines and cities. Our laboratory has the most up-to-date equipment, fully linked to standards, and is ISO certified according to international standards.

ABB Asia Co. Ltd is capable of supplying, mixing, and calibrating multi-component reference gases mixable up to 1 part per million.

ABB Asia Co. Ltd. has invested heavily in creating a state-of-the-art facility. It has multi-stage scalability and is the leading gas mixing plant in Vietnam, 3 Indochina countries and Southeast Asia. Our facility has everything a factory needs: fully equipped laboratories, adherence to international standards (ISO), and a commitment to the highest quality achievable today.

Checking leak on RMU ABB brand in Viet nam, then fix it for client.

ABB Asia Co. Ltd.

North Vietnam

  • Vinhomes Ocean Park Gia Lam., Ha noi

Central Viet nam

  • Hai Linh ward – Nghi Son city–Thanh Hoa Pro.

South Viet nam

  • 11A Hong Ha -Tan Binh Dis. – Ho Chi Minh
  • My Xuan ward – Phu My city – Vung Tau

Tel/zalo/whatsapp: +84 902 336 426 (zalo/whatsapp)

Email 1: sales@kattashop.com

Email 2: abbasia.co.ltd@gmail.com

Website 1: https://www.abbasia.asia (Global)

Website 2: https://www.kattashop.com (Viet nam)

Website 3: https://www.vietxuangas.com.vn (Viet nam)

Youtube Chanel 1: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1PRzMgPNbqyJRP2pKSuxsA

Youtube Chanel 2: https://bit.ly/3bn2HYU

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