Providing technical services for diving

ABB Asia Co. Ltd (Global) - gas specialist - Electric engineeering
ABB Asia Co. Ltd (Global) - gas specialist - Electric engineeering
Providing technical services for diving
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Currently, scuba diving training centers in Vietnam have developed quite strongly, from national to private institutions. In which the brigades and centers belong to the Navy.

Positioned as a technical unit in the energy industry, ABB Asia Co., Ltd has the capacity and experience to provide scuba tanks for individual workers, technicians and systems to supply a large number of diving equipment as follows:

  • Mixed diving gas extinguishers include: Tanks from 4L, 10L, 40L, 47L, 50L, with pressure from 100 bar -300 bar.
  • The system of bundles, racks, and quads contains 40L -50L air tanks, high pressure, with a solid structural system, including clocks, commutators that are tested to load, load, and carefully tested.
  • Supply gas includes: O2, clean air (pure air), a mixture of Oxygen + Helium (also known as Helox), with the formula: Helox (80/20), 90/10, 98/2, meaning: 80% Helium + 20% Oxygen, 90% He +10% O2, 98 He + 2% O2, 99.999% Oxygen…

Currently, ABB Asia has manufactured bundels, racks, quads according to the standards of international maritime agencies, with strict standards, against impact, vibration, and corrosion at sea, on rigs, naval ships

We are currently a contractor supplying large quantities, fast and related diving gas cylinders and mixtures to domestic and international organizations. We have accepted the construction of gas supply works at sea, construction of hot and cold insulated pipelines, in complex and harsh environments.

For all inquiries, please contact phone number: 0902 336 426, website:

Some outstanding technical services of ABB Asia in 2023

  1. SF6 suction service with 1-3h time for all GIS, GCB . stations
  2. Vacuum service down to 1mbar  to 2h, for tanks, chambers 6-10 mr
  3. Service of recovering and thoroughly treating toxic gases for factories
  4. Repair service of liquefied gas tanks with pressure, clogged pipes
  5. Boiler Repair Service
  6. Technical services for cold rooms, refrigerated containers
  7. Mixed gas supply service for vegetables and fruits, exporting to Europe and America
  8. Recovery service, high pressure compression, extremely large flow

ABB Asia Co. Ltd.

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