SF6 gas, an important gas in the power industry

Buying used SF6 gas
ABB Asia Co. Ltd (Global) - gas specialist - Electric engineeering
ABB Asia Co. Ltd (Global) - gas specialist - Electric engineeering
SF6 gas, an important gas in the power industry
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In recent years, the demand for electricity is increasing. The application of high technology in the electricity sector to increase transmission capacity as well as increase safety in the electricity industry is essential.

In particular, in large cities and industrial centers, it is required to install large-capacity but compact power transmission and distribution networks. Only a gas-insulated substation (GIS: Gas Insulated Substation) can meet such requirements.

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Gas switchgear can withstand the highest voltage, using the smallest space. This is an advanced technology widely used in many countries around the world, and gradually becoming more popular in Vietnam. The excellent gas used in these high-voltage electrical devices is Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6).

What is SF6 gas? How to apply SF6 gas in life?

SF6 contributes to solving the difficult problem of large-capacity power systems with compact size that no other technology can replace up to the present time. GIS station using SF6 gas has high-voltage conductors, circuit breakers, switches, current transformers, and voltage transformers located in metal tanks filled with SF6 gas and grounded. Therefore, it is very compact, does not take up much space but is very safe and works effectively with high capacity.

In addition to GIS stations, other electrical equipment using insulating gas SF6 is also being used more and more in the power transmission system because these devices have small design but very good working performance.

SF6 is an artificial gas, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, with electrical insulation equivalent to insulating oil, with a dielectric strength 2.5 times that and a thermal conductivity of only 42% that of air. But it has high heat resistance.

When an arc occurs, the temperature spikes from 2,100 to 25,000k SF6 only temporarily decomposes, and then can immediately bond again. Due to its very special properties it is the best gas insulator and arc extinguishing gas and is most used for heat recovery, cooling and arc weakening.

Buying used SF6 gas

It is important to note that for equipment containing SF6 gas, high purity SF6 must be used, provided by reputable, professional units. Good quality SF6 products must be provided with certificates such as: Certificate of Quality (CQ), Certificate of Gas Component Analysis (COA), Certificate of Origin (CO), Chemical Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Instructions for use, storage and transportation of pressure vessels.

SF6 gas is also used in many other fields of life and industrial production such as in the field of medicine, magic, plasma welding, semiconductor manufacturing, metal casting…

The properties and other applications of this magical gas can be found at the website https://abbasia.asia/ of Abb Asia Co., Ltd., the industrial gas supplier and supplier of SF6 Gas for power industry, high and medium voltage substations.

So, where to buy SF6 gas?

If you have a need to buy sf6 gas or know more detailed information about this product, as well as important applications of Sulfure hexafluoride can be useful for your purposes, please contact us immediately. we.

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