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SF6 gas treatment for 220 kV GIS station for Ban Chat Hydroelectricity

GIS: Gas insulated Substation/Swithgear

GIS: Gas insulated Substation/Swithgear

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Project: SF6 gas treatment for GIS 220 kV station for Ban Chat Hydropower (location in Ban Chat, Than Uyen, Lai Chau communes) (GIS: Gas insulated Substation/Swithgear)

Time: April 2022

1. Purpose: Performing SF6 gas services to help investors and contractors upgrade current transformers (TI), to improve station productivity and maximize plant efficiency

ABB Asia Co Ltd: prepare the following equipment: Compressor, Sf6 gas recovery machine, gas recovery machine, vacuum machine, specialized Sf6 gas filling machine, empty SF6 gas bottle, pure N2 nitrogen gas tank pure

2. Process/step of implementation:

Summary: All processes are carried out within 7 working days, labor safety requirements, labor protection, experts and technicians perform on the basis of the approved plan, and adjust at the site at the request of the manufacturer and the investor. The N2, Sf6 gas cylinders are all tested, the pressure equipment such as the compressor’s pressure vessel must be tested. Experts and technical workers must be trained and issued with electrical safety cards and level 3 occupational safety cards.

Here are some pictures from the project

ABB Asia Co. Ltd.  +84 902 336 426 provides the following services:

1/ New construction, installation, maintenance of substations from 22kV-110kV, underground cable 22-110kV.

2/ Repair medium voltage cabinets (RMU) 22kV- circuit breakers up to 500kV.

3/ Construction and installation of gas supply works, tanks, liquid gas tanks, supply stations, gas filling, liquefied gas

4/ Service of suction, recoverry,  filtration and filling of SF6 gas

5/ Provides ultra-pure gas, calibration gas, multi-component mixing gas up to ppm.

6/ Construction, installation and maintenance of refrigeration systems, cold rooms, clean rooms, central air conditioning systems

Checking leak on RMU ABB brand in Viet nam, then fix it for client.

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