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SF6 suction service with 1-3h time for all GIS, GCB stations

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Currently in the process of using SF6 gas, after a period of switching or using, this gas is degraded, creating more H2S, Sox, and dew, to ensure insulation and equipment durability, must be replaced. after every certain cycle. Whichever comes first, such as time, or number of switches. With some equipment using SF6 gas for other purposes, it is also necessary to change this gas after the time specified by the company.

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However, SF6 gas is not allowed to be discharged into the environment according to the provisions of law and international conventions. Currently, on the SF6 gas market, there are some units that buy the recovery machine by themselves, there are some units that outsource this service, but there are some shortcomings as follows:

Buying equipment yourself will increase investment costs with investment from several tens of thousands of US dollars, to hundreds of thousands, the number of times of use is low, the machine also wears out by itself, the model is gradually becoming obsolete and operating inefficiently. . Most machines do not have filtering and recycling features, so they need many tanks and tanks for this gas, never knowing how to handle it. Besides, it is labor-intensive to operate, the machine is often large and cumbersome, and it costs money to crane and transport equipment. The suction time is usually calculated in days, the gas is not completely recovered, still having to discharge a certain amount into the environment. In general, if you invest in a machine, use it several times a year, it is not technically feasible and economically unprofitable.
Outsourced some service units, mainly technical service parties in the electricity industry. Most of them encounter the following shortcomings: Not mobile in locality, not proactive in terms of time, old, bulky and outdated machinery, no synchronization of suction and discharge nozzles (called coupling) diversity, so double when passive, missed, work, have to delay the project, lose costs for experts, be fined the progress…

So how does ABB Asia provide this service, what’s outstanding: With many years of scientific research and practical service provision, ABB Asia’s technical team, research and development experts, have upgrade and optimize the SF6 recovery, filter, and compressor units from SF6 storage devices and use SF6 as tanks, tanks, bottles, chambers to get:

Some outstanding technical services of ABB Asia in 2023

  1. SF6 suction service with 1-3h time for all GIS, GCB . stations
  2. Vacuum service down to 1mbar  to 2h, for tanks, chambers 6-10 mr
  3. Service of recovering and thoroughly treating toxic gases for factories
  4. Repair service of liquefied gas tanks with pressure, clogged pipes
  5. Boiler Repair Service
  6. Technical services for cold rooms, refrigerated containers
  7. Mixed gas supply service for vegetables and fruits, exporting to Europe and America
  8. Recovery service, high pressure compression, extremely large flow

So, where to buy SF6 gas?

If you have a need to buy sf6 gas or know more detailed information about this product, as well as important applications of Sulfure hexafluoride can be useful for your purposes, please contact us immediately. we.

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