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Super pressure gas engineering service

Super pressure gas engineering service
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ABB Asia Co., Ltd is known as a technical enterprise specializing in industrial gases, high voltage electricity and super cold technology.

Today, we introduce more about a super pressure engineering service also known as super pressure. High pressures above 150 bar, requiring safety devices, from multi-stage super-pressurized air compressors, to hydraulic compressors.

ABB Asia invests in super-pressure, 5-stage compressors that compress up to 250 bar for the purpose of recovering and compressing equipment such as pipes, tanks, tanks, and gas chambers to test the load capacity, check ( test), build quality.

In some cases where the equipment does not allow the use of water or oil pressure testing, our super pressure compressor is an advantage.

The process of pressure testing of high-pressure gas cylinders and trailers such as CNG tanks and natural gas tanks basically includes the following steps:

With advanced, specialized and high-class equipment, we are proud to provide this special service to the Vietnamese market and the world.


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