High Voltage Transformer Station Maintenance and Repair Services

ABB Asia Co. Ltd (Global) - gas specialist - Electric engineeering
ABB Asia Co. Ltd (Global) - gas specialist - Electric engineeering
High Voltage Transformer Station Maintenance and Repair Services
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ABB Asia would like to greet you, we are a unit specializing in providing gas and gas technical services, in addition we repair and maintain gas systems, medium to high voltage electricity, and trade Electrical and gas industry equipment (energy in general) is pleased to be of service.

Maintenance and repair services for outdoor transformer stations (AIS) and hybrid transformer stations (HGIS) from 35kV up to 500kV from ABB Asia, with construction experience for the Central and Southern electricity industry and various large and small hydroelectric and solar power companies throughout Vietnam.

Expert in the Field of Electricity

ABB Asia is one of the leading companies in maintenance and repair services for AIS outdoor substations and HGIS mixed substations with voltages of 35kV and above. With many years of experience, ABB Asia has constructed many important projects, bringing outstanding service quality to the electricity industry.

Extensive Experience From Large and Small Projects

ABB Asia is proud of its rich experience in maintaining and repairing transformer stations for power units in Central Vietnam, along with PCs in Northern provinces such as Bac Giang, Lao Cai, and Thanh Hoa. Not only that, ABB Asia also provides services to many large and small hydropower companies, including Ban Chat, Huoi Quang, Tri An, as well as solar power projects such as Krongpa.

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Expert in Maintaining and Repairing Pole Cutting Machine Systems

In addition to AIS and HGIS substation maintenance services, ABB Asia is also an expert in maintaining and repairing GIS indoor substations, and terminal breaker systems. Completed projects include 220kV stations of Xekaman 1 Hydropower Plant in Laos, 220kV stations in Binh Tan, Ho Chi Minh City.

High Quality Service

We specialize in serving transformer stations with voltages of 35kV or higher, bringing peace of mind and efficiency to customers. ABB Asia’s team of engineers are highly trained and capable of handling all issues related to transformer stations, from maintenance, repair, to upgrades.

Commitment to Safety and Quality

Service quality and safety are always ABB Asia’s top priorities. We use advanced technology and strictly comply with international safety standards, ensuring that each project is carried out with the utmost precision and safety.

Contact us

If you are looking for a reliable partner for substation maintenance and repair, contact ABB Asia. We are committed to providing professional service and outstanding quality, meeting all your needs.

Full information about our unit is available at:

* Delivery/mail address: Nguyen Thi Nga – Accountant, alley 66/28, Alley 66, Ngoc Dong village, Da Ton commune, Gia Lam district, Hanoi. Ms. Nga: 0869 226 426, A Tuan: 0866526426. A Quyet: 0789243790 – A Lap: 0979317819

Map to factory 1:

* Export information V

Address: No. 1, Lane 12, Bo De Street, Bo De Ward, Bien District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Representative: Dinh Cong Clause
Tax code: 0109450783
Email: sales@kattashop.comabbchaua@gmail.com

* Binh Duong Branch: Nga Tho intersection, An Tay, Ben Cat Binh Duong: contact: Bon: 0982939230 – Long 18+: 0847606608, Accounting: 0918191905 – Mr Loi 0902336426

Phone: 0902 336 426
Email: sales@kattashop.com
Website: https://kattashop.com & https://vietxuangas.com.vn
Youtube: https://bit.ly/3bn2HYU

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