Maintenance service of high voltage power stations GIS, AIS, MTS

ABB Asia Co. Ltd (Global) - gas specialist - Electric engineeering
ABB Asia Co. Ltd (Global) - gas specialist - Electric engineeering
Maintenance service of high voltage power stations GIS, AIS, MTS
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Currently, Vietnam’s energy demand in general and in particular for electricity used in daily life, production and business is growing by 20-30% annually. In the spirit of the Power Development Plan to 2030, also known as the Government’s Power Plan 8, there are many jobs and pressures on the electricity industry.

Accordingly, the development and development of production, transmission and distribution will have a huge amount of work, including building new power plants, upgrading and converting types of power plants, more diverse. The transmission system is also synchronously built, upgraded, maintained, modernized, digitized, bringing 4.0 technology into the electricity industry.

Accompanying the electricity industry, ABB Asia Co., Ltd., with the identity of an energy expert, has a core business and researches and develops gas systems including insulating gas SF6 and some insulating gases. new mixture, gradually replacing SF6 gas.

One of the strengths and pillars of ABB Asia is the construction, installation and maintenance of the power station system, including: The station of the power plant, transmission and distribution. A team of engineers and technicians from major companies such as HITACHI, GE, SIEMENS, NHVS, HYOSUNG, ENS, training, coaching, updating new technology knowledge
In addition to supporting technology and operating principles, major companies also support experts in the field, with a system of materials and components in their supply chain, with fast and accurate order time. authentic, clear origin. This is a huge advantage that ABB Asia brings to investors, general contractors..

In addition to the new supplies and spare parts of the goods, ABB Asia also has a warehouse of used goods and supplies that are dismantled, stored in storage, and can be replaced when necessary, when the codes If the product stops production, ABB Asia’s stockpile of supplies plays a huge role

ABB Asia’s specialized machinery and equipment system is always ready, spread across many places and regions across the country, in order to respond quickly to customers’ needs. Thus, with the fastest time, ABB Asia approaches customers’ problems and problems, offers solutions, quotes, and executes contracts in the fastest time.

In order to be more and more progressive than yesterday, ABB Asia’s collective is constantly trying to learn, improve the spirit of marketability and responsibility, in order to achieve high technical standards in the energy industry. This is both a core goal and a core value that ABB considers its gene (DNA).

Some outstanding technical services of ABB Asia in 2023

  1. SF6 suction service with 1-3h time for all GIS, GCB . stations
  2. Vacuum service down to 1mbar  to 2h, for tanks, chambers 6-10 mr
  3. Service of recovering and thoroughly treating toxic gases for factories
  4. Repair service of liquefied gas tanks with pressure, clogged pipes
  5. Boiler Repair Service
  6. Technical services for cold rooms, refrigerated containers
  7. Mixed gas supply service for vegetables and fruits, exporting to Europe and America
  8. Recovery service, high pressure compression, extremely large flow

ABB Asia Co. Ltd.

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